Welcome to BizGuideLA! My name is Daniel Ing and I am the editor on this website. The idea for this website is fairly simple - to be an online resource guide to help individuals become entrepreneurs.

I love entrepreneurship and believe in the power of small business to enrich the community it serves. I created this site to help new businesses and existing businesses operate efficiently and effectively. This site is for people who want to get the most for their business with the limited resources they have.

I help start and consult entrepreneurs on their businesses. I get a lot of questions about business tools and figured this site would be a great reference point, so BizGuideLA was born the summer of 2018. While it is starting as an online reference guide, I hope that as it grows I can add a blog, and eventually a community forum where we can all network.

The information here is free for anyone who is interested in learning. As with any business, there are expenses. To help cover costs and keep growing, I run limited advertising, participate in affiliate programs and promote my own business services. You may read more about this on my disclosure page.

If you have any questions about BizGuideLA, please contact me at start@bizguidela.com. If there are any broken links or typos please let me know as well.

I hope you enjoy BizGuideLA!

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.
— Walt Disney